Vehicle Ramp Hire Birmingham

We rent out car ramps at affordable prices.

Easy Access Vehicle Ramp Hire Birmingham

In today’s uncertain world of cutbacks and financial instability we are all looking for ways to limit our trading risk and overheads while still being able to make a living. By making available our vehicle ramps for hire we believe we have the solution, quality flexible work spaces at affordable prices.

Many of our customers have said that the option to have a ramp for hire scheme has really limited their costs and given them the piece of mind that they don’t have to pay out large overheads for a whole unit while looking for more work. As they can hire car workshop space with a lifting ramp to suit their needs on like a ‘pay as you earn’ basis, their money out goings are more controlled and exact.

Who is vehicle ramp for hire for?

It is difficult when you are a small business, its like spinning plates on sticks sometimes, first looking for work then getting it done and all the time the overheads are continually stacking up month after month. This is where the pressure often comes and some small businesses fail, so why start or continue that way?

We offer the perfect vehicle ramp hire solution for business start ups, sole traders or just enthusiast car diy guys maintaining their cars.

It is common knowledge that self employed people like that feeling of self sufficiency and freedom. Why give that up and go get a ‘job’ when we offer you the key so continued success at a cost that will suit your pocket. You find your work and we will provide you the safe and secure workshop space with lifting ramp to trade from, it’s as easy as that.

With the knowledge that once you have talked through with Rick your plans, once accepted into our vehicle ramp hire scheme you will always be able to get yourself some workshop space. Then you can comfortably look for work without the ongoing rental financial pressures.

Imagine:  an all inclusive ramp , electric , rent , rates , and insurance cost which is controlled by you! Some of our existing customers don’t work every day or week, they only work when they want to, it’s like a ‘rent as you earn’ system!

What are the costs of our vehicle ramp hire?

Our package rates are:

  • One day hire £35
  • Two day hire £55
  • Three day hire £70
  • Four day hire £80
  • Five day hire £85

One week hire is £85 if you book two weeks it comes down to £75 a week.

Daily and weekly hire is from 8.30 to 5.30 Monday to Friday.

If you take a rolling monthly hire it comes down to £60 a week.

Monthly hire is 7 days a week and comes with keys to garage.

Minimum 3 months required to permanently get a £60 a week rate and requires one months deposit and one months notice when leaving(fair is fair).

All standard ramps are 2.5 tone for charges shown above.

So it’s for you if you are:

  • A mobile mechanic wanting a warmer environment
  • A DIY guy looking to do self servicing & car maintenance
  • A car breaker selling parts on Ebay
  • Car clubs wanting to do engine swaps or engine upgrades

then this system is for you.

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